March 2023 (Moody Magpie) | Duplicate Flights, Export Equipment Logs, qualifications and certifications , Improvements.

ScaleFlyt is always evolving. This page gives you a quick overview of the changes made in this product release.

NEW : 

Duplicate flights 

It is now possible to duplicate a Flight and all the associated data. This feature is accessible from the Flight card.

Export Equipment Logs

Equipment logs are now exportable. in csv format To do so, simply go to one of the equipment categories. and click on the "Export Logs" button located at the top right of your page.

Add qualifications and certifications to user profile

It is possible to add a qualification and certification to your personal records. To do so, click on the "Account" profile picture in the top right corner of the page, then click the "Account" tab. Next, go to "Personal Records" where you will find the option "Certifications and Qualifications".



The following fixes and improvements were made.


Organisation image is now updated instantly in dashboard after edit it.

Plan labels are now correctly displayed on Organisation card.

Organisation image can now updated by an Admin.

Organisation Settings

Various typos and links on Billing page were corrected.

Corrections on Plans & Billing page were made.


Units typos in Weather panel were corrected.

Display issue when missing some weather data has been corrected.


Tooltips on Map should are now kept within the visible frame.

Data mapping was enhanced to get accurate mission location.


Added, previously missing description in the row card in Mission and Flight section and fixed alignments.

Mission duplication issues were resolved.

Checklist selection drop-down is no longer truncated in Flight.


Contact Us form now opens with a single click.


Drop-down lists are no fully visible in all header sections.