April 2023 (Ambitious Albatross) | Flight status upgrade & Satellite view of our maps, Website, Accessing mission modification.

ScaleFlyt is always evolving. This page gives you a quick overview of the changes made in this product release.



Flight status upgrade

Updates to Flight statuses aim to improve the comprehension of the Flight component. Flight statuses are a useful piece of information to follow the progress of flight preparation and execution. We simplified the workflow for greater clarity and ease of understanding.



Major changes to the satellite view of our maps

Here's an overview of the improvements you can now discover:

  • Administrative boundaries are now visible on the satellite view, making it easier to navigate urban and rural areas.
  • Natural features such as mountains, forests, and lakes are now displayed on the satellite view, allowing for more detailed exploration of the environment.
  • Place labels have been improved to display more precise and useful information such as street names, building numbers, and business information.
  • Point of interest labels have also been improved to include more detailed information about restaurants, shops, landmarks, and other points of interest.
  • The road network has been improved to include information on streets, highways, and lanes, as well as speed limits and traffic restrictions.
  • Satellite imagery has been updated to offer sharper and more detailed images, allowing for more precise exploration of urban and rural areas.
  • The terrain view has been improved to offer a more accurate representation of the region's relief and topography.
  • Public transportation options have been added to help users plan their route using buses, trains, and subways.
  • Walking, cycling, and other transportation options have also been added to help users plan their route based on their preferred mode of transportation.

Improvements made to the satellite view of our maps.

Major website improvements

Scaleflyt's website has undergone a complete overhauled in recent weeks. We have completely rebuilt our website to improve clarity and responsiveness on all types of screens. You will find details of Scaleflyt products, as well as an overview of our platform and its subscriptions. Additionally, we invite you to browse our blog articles, where you can find information about the major changes at Scaleflyt and our "Zoom on the Time" series to be at the heart of our teams.


FIX : 

Issues editing mission information

It is now possible to modify Mission information in the following states:

  • planning: 'PLANNING'
  • flying: 'FLYING' 
  • logging: 'LOGGING'

However, it will not be possible to modify Mission information in the following states:

  • complete: 'COMPLETE'
  • cancelled: 'CANCELLED'