How to manage my ScaleFlyt account

Managing your account is very easy. This article decribes what you can do on your account's page.

About details :

Here is how the account page looks like in the "Details" tab

To edit, simply click on 'Edit' and the fields will become editable.

When editable, simply fill in the details.

To save the information, click on 'Save Changes'.

To keep your records up to date just repeat this process as often as needed.

Pesonal Records :

'Personal Records' let's you list all your relevant registrations, qualifications and certificates.


Pilot registrations :

You have the ability to add, modify, or delete a record associated with your organisation.


Certifications and qualifications :

Here you have the option to add, modify or delete a certificate or qualification.


Settings :

In this section you will be able to update your personal preferences.

You will find the following options:

  • Subscribe to news and updates
    Check the "I'd like to be kept updated about new features, news and offers" to subscribe. Uncheck it to cancel your subscription.

Remember to save after all changes.

Delete my account :

To delete your account, you need to contact us by following this link and create a support ticket. This will initiate the account deletion process. Please note that any account deletion is permanent.