8 February 2021 | Mission move, Weather, Notes, Checklist.

This release includes the ability to move missions between projects and a refresh of the Fly checklists to introduce Soarizon pre-defined checklists, weather observation reporting and mission execution notes.

NEW : 

Move Missions Between Projects

To move a mission to a new project select the actions menu from either the project view or from within the mission.  The mission can then be moved to any other project within the organisation.  The move mission option is only available for the mission's owner or the organisation owner.

New Weather Observations Section in Mission Fly Tab

Whilst improving the checklists we have taken the opportunity to improve the weather observation recording.  Previously, it was only possible to record a single weather observation within the on-site checklist.  We have now created a new section for weather observations which allows multiple observations to be recorded throughout a mission flight window.  Each individual weather observation now also supports recording of estimated cloud base, estimated visibility and precipitation.

Any weather observation that was previously saved in the "On-site assessment checklist" has been retained and will be shown in the Weather Observation section.

New Notes Section in Mission Fly Tab

We have also expanded the mission notes capability in the Fly tab by adding the ability for users to create record multiple notes within a mission.  This notes section can be used as an ongoing log to capture any relevant information during the execution of your mission. 

Any notes that were previously saved in the "On-site assessment checklist" have been retained and will be shown in the Notes section.



The mission checklists have been completely overhauled in readiness for the imminent release of user defined checklists (for Elevate and Enterprise Plans).  The key changes are:

  • Existing pre-defined checklists have been improved and edited 
  • New pre-defined 'Soarizon' Post-Flight Checks' have been added
  • Multiple versions of each checklist can now be added, for example to support the repeat of pre-flight checks several times within a single mission.

Any checklists that have previously been saved to a mission are unaffected by this change and will still contain their saved data.