17 June 2021 | Refactor organisation, Refactor checklist, add batteries, add tracker, other

Soarizon is always evolving. This page gives you a quick overview of the changes made in this product release.


Add equipment types (batteries, trackers, others)

It is now possible to create new equipment of the following types:
  • Batteries
  • Trackers (RemoteID feature)
  • Other
New equipment types can be added to missions using the equipment search box.

Mission Export Documment

Added the ability to view the airspace and enhanced map annotations for a specific area on the document export page, airspace.

View all annotations on the mission export document.

Added a new checkbox selection to use the organisation's profile picture.

Users may add extra template pages to my mission export documents to save time and avoid repeating the same task.

It is now possible to save multiple versions of the document export licence.

Add new equiment types to flight logs

Updated flight log data



Refactor organisation

Organisation diesign updated

Refactor Checklist

Checklist design refactor
Project design refactor

Mission Export Document

Enterprise or Elevate users, can replace the SOARIZON document export logo with my organization's profile image.

Update front cover.