Snap function enhances drawing precision during mission preparation

Redefine your experience with Snap - a convenient drawing function that provides unparalleled precision

It's hard to believe ScaleFlyt used to lack the snap function... it is such a useful and convenient drawing aid.

Attain exceptional precision in your drawings by using the snap function. Place your marker and snap anything to them or follow existing edges and vertices to significantly enhance the accuracy of your drawings. Follow these steps to make the most of this feature:


Step 1: Access Annotations

Begin by opening the annotations drawer from the tools menu located at the bottom-right corner on the Map.



Step 2: Create Reference Points

Before tracing, use the marker tool to define points that will guide your drawing.



You may also use existing map features, such as areas from Airspace layer, e.g. NOTAMs, Restricted areas, control zones, etc... 


Step 3: Snap away

Once you've set your reference points, select any of the drawing tools you wish to use. As you approach the designated point while using the drawing tool, the snap function will automatically align your drawing for a flawless finish.

Repeat this process for each segment of your drawing until your creation is complete.



Enhance your drawing experience with the convenience of the snap function. By harnessing this powerful functionality, you will work more efficiently, save time and increase precision. Create or import drawing aids and snap away to speed up this mission essential preparation step.

For any questions or additional assistance, feel free to contact us. Happy drawing!