September 2023 (Shimmering Swan) | Monthly improvements, Flight authorisation identifier, Flight components

ScaleFlyt is always evolving. This page gives you a quick overview of the changes made in the September 2023 - "Shimmering Swan" - product release.

We are pleased to introduce the Shimmering Swan release of the ScaleFlyt platform, rolled out throughout September 2023. In this release, we have addressed various bugs, technical debt, and introduced several technical improvements to enhance your user experience.


Polyline assignement to flight plans

We’ve added a feature that allows you to assign a polyline as a flight plan. You can now see the waypoints and edit the general settings of the flight plan.

Categorisation of annotations into flight and mission

We’ve divided and organised annotations into flight and mission categories. This makes it easier to identify which annotation is part of your mission or your current flight.

Highlighting annotations on map

We’ve added a feature that highlights annotations on the map when they are hovered over or selected. This helps you verify that you are working with the correct object.

Distance information for annotations

We’ve added distance information when creating annotations. Now, you can visualise the dimensions as you draw on the map.

Improved text contrast on maps

We’ve updated the text contrast on selected areas on maps to improve readability. This includes Landing Areas information and Airspace Layers.

Addition of 'Flight authorisation identifier' for Singapore Remote ID users

We’ve added a ‘Flight authorisation identifier’ text input field to the Flight Settings for users of Remote ID in Singapore. This field allows you to enter the Flight ID issued by the Central Flight Management System (CFMS). The ‘Flight authorisation identifier’ will be recorded and available in the Logbook once the Mission is ‘Complete’ for audit purposes. This field will only be editable when the mission takes place in Singapore. Otherwise, it will be disabled and display the statement: ‘Not required for this flight location’.

You will be able to confirm the Flight authorisation identifier that you provided to ScaleFlyt before updating your Remote ID tracker configuration. Once confirmed, you can update the selected Remote ID tracker configuration so that the Flight authorisation identifier (Flight ID) can be transmitted to the CFMS. Please note that this applies for new trackers only (V2.1).

    • The Flight authorisation identifier is correctly displayed in the tracker configuration.
    • If no Flight authorisation identifier has been provided and the mission is located in Singapore, update is not possible and the correct warning/information message is displayed.
    • After a configuration update, the Flight authorisation identifier is correctly reported in the ‘Last known tracker configuration’. This confirms that the Flight authorisation identifier has been correctly recorded in the Remote ID Service back-end.
    • After a configuration update, the ScaleFlyt Remote ID Service supplies the Flight authorisation identifier as part of its telemetry stream to CFMS.

Available for ScaleFlyt Remote ID users in Singapore only.

Evolution of Flight Components row cards

We’ve evolved the Flight Components row cards based on user feedback. Changes include:

    • Renamed the row card ‘Flight annotations’ to ‘Flight components’.

    • Updated the icon badge of the row card ‘Flight components’.

    • Renamed the button ‘Select’ of the cards inside the section ‘Flight components’ to ‘Set up’.

    • Organised the cards inside the section ‘Flight components’ in a new order.



Fix for Flight check population issue with threshold 0

We’ve fixed an issue with the flight check population not working with Threshold 0.

Available for ESSENTIAL subscribers only.

Resolution of threshold value removal error

We’ve resolved an issue where trying to remove the threshold value from a drone would trigger an error. Now, you can remove threshold values without any issues.

Fix for input of special characters in text fields

We’ve fixed an issue where users were unable to input “>” and “<” characters. Now, these special characters can be entered in all input fields.

Update of personal logbook filters

We’ve updated the Personal Logbook filters to reflect the changes made to Organisation Logbook. This resolves issues with an error message showing up when selecting a specific drone or timeframe.

Fix for flight annotations visibility and editability

We’ve fixed an issue where Flight Annotations would remain visible and editable when moving back from a Flight to a Mission. Now, Flight Annotations will only be visible and editable within the selected Flight, as expected.

Fix for name filtering in organisation logbook

We’ve fixed an issue where filtering by name in the organisation logbook was not working. Now, you should be able to filter using the search bar in the organisation logbook without any issues.

Resolution of ‘Saving your annotations…’ message blinking issue

We’ve addressed a problem where the message ‘Saving your annotations…’ was blinking on the map when receiving NRI data. This message should now only appear when we are saving annotations.

Fix for display of zero population threshold in read only mode

We’ve fixed an issue where a drone with a population threshold equal to zero would display “-” instead of “0” in readOnly mode. Now, the correct value will be displayed.

ESSENTIAL feature only

Resolution of tooltip visibility issue

We’ve addressed a problem where tooltips sometimes did not appear, particularly when annotations were imported or certain airspace layers were turned on.

Fix for screen freeze when opening non-owned missions

We’ve fixed an issue where the screen would freeze when opening a mission where the user is not the owner or a member. Now, you should be able to view any mission in read-only mode without any issues.