October 2023 (Optimist Owl) | Monthly improvements

ScaleFlyt is always evolving. This page gives you a quick overview of the changes made in the October 2023 - "Optimist Owl" - product release.

A clean codebase is like a breath of fresh air. It keeps our developers sane and our platform running smoothly.

This is why we've decided to focus this month on performance improvements and clearing out some technical debt. Various updates have therefore been made to improve the platform’s performance and stability, and spruce up the code to keep our developer's sanity.

Since these updates are quite technical and not directly relevant to your everyday use of the platform, we’ve chosen not to provide any detail in this month’s Release Note.

Our goal is to keep you informed about changes that enhance your experience and bring you value, without overwhelming you with technical specifics. Rest assured, our team is continuously working behind the scenes to improve the platform and ensure it meets your needs. Thank you for your understanding and continued support! 😊