26 January 2021 | Drone properties, Notifications, Manual flight log, Logbook export, Maps

This release includes updates to the drone properties, manual flight logs and the logbook export to aid compliance with EASA, UK and International UAS Regulations.

NEW : 

Additional Drone Properties

In alignment with the recent regulation changes new properties have been added to the drone details page.  These include expanded drone configuration options and new fields for the drone's UAS class and it's kinetic energy. Find out more here.

Introduction of on Platform Change Notifications

For future significant changes, which need to be brought to users attention, Soarizon will now deliver an in platform notification to highlight the change and provide additional links to additional information.


Manual Flight Log

The manual flight log now includes the ability to save take off and landing locations to aid compliance with EASA and UK CAA regulations.  Take off and landing locations can be entered manually or can be set using the mission's map annotation markers. An updated getting started guide for the Logbook is here.

Logbook Export

The Logbook Export has been updated to include the additional data described in recent regulation updates:



In this release we have switched the map aerial imagery provider and we now use a new hybrid map which includes roads and points of interest on the aerial image.