Risk Management

ScaleFlyt digitises the flight risk assessment process to deliver efficiency, consistency and compliance to your drone operations.

Mitigate Risk

Easily assess and mitigate risk across your fleet with our standardised risk workflows. Choose from our extensive library or build your own custom risk profiles to ensure consistency and compliance across all missions, whether you’re flying or assigning missions to others.

Single Point Of Record

ScaleFlyt provides a totally secure, single point of record for all missions flown by you or your entire fleet. Ensure planning is standardised across all flights and maintain a full record for governance and auditability purposes.


Make sure all missions are flown with the correct assets and equipment, and that all pre-flight assessments have been completed.

Customisable, dynamic check-lists offer prompts at a fingertip at every phase of the operation to ensure the highest standards of compliance. Risk management-Montage