Logbook and Flight Logs

This article covers getting started with ScaleFlyt's logbook and flight logs feature. There are further links to the 'how to' guides to help you get the most out of this essential operational compliance tool.

To aid compliance with the latest UAS Operations Regulations ScaleFlyt includes a comprehensive logbook feature that has been developed to ensure that your UAS Operating Organisation maintains all the right records for the minimum of effort.  All records are stored securely within ScaleFlyt for the duration of the statutory retention period and can also be quickly exported so that they can be shared with regulators.

Introduction to the Personal and Organisation Logbooks

ScaleFlyt provides two variants of logbook, a personal logbook and an Organisation logbook.

Every individual account holder has a personal Logbook which is accessible from the 'My Logbook' menu item at your home screen. As you would expect the individual logbook stores all the flight log records for all the flights that have been logged for you. So if you fly for multiple organisations then the 'My Logbook' page will display a consolidated logbook of all your flights.


Every ScaleFlyt Organisation has an organisation logbook which is accessible from the organisation home-screen.

This logbook includes all flights across all missions and projects within the organisation.




How to Guides for Logbook and Flight Logs

Follow these links for how-to guides and demo videos:

Aviation Regulations Source Documents

The ScaleFlyt Logbook feature has been developed as an aid to regulatory compliance.  The following regulations were used to derive the acceptable means of compliance requirements for the Flight logs and the exported Logbook file.

These two regulations are almost identical and the flight log and logbook export have been devised to support both regulations equally.

A key aspect of using ScaleFlyt is the regulated requirement that "records should be stored for 2 years in a manner that ensures their protection from unauthorised access, damage, alteration, and theft".  ScaleFlyt supports this requirement by ensuring that:

  • All Flight Logs and records are stored within your organisation so that they are access controlled to active members of your ScaleFlyt organisation.
  • All records on ScaleFlyt benefit from a continuous real-time backups and are retained for as long as the account is active.
  • If an account no longer becomes active ScaleFlyt records are retained for a minimum period of 24 months.