Create your first mission on ScaleFlyt

We present the steps necessary to create a mission on ScaleFlyt.

Welcome to Scaleflyt

To access the platform you need to login with your account or create a new account. If you're new to ScaleFlyt, go ahead and create a new account. Please refer to our guide: How to Create a ScaleFlyt Account for details.

When you enter ScaleFlyt, the landing page shows you all the Organisations you are a member of.

Click on the Organisation you want to create a Mission for.



The first time you enter your new Organisation, the Projects list will be empty.

Since you don't have a Project yet, go ahead and create one by clicking on , in the top right corner.

Later, when you come back to this page, you will have the possibility to create a new Project or you can click an existing Project to open it.



Once in a Project, to create a new Mission, simply click on the button.

You have possibility to change Organisation and Project on the creation.

In the next step, give the Mission a name, find a localisation and country.

Finally, click the button.

You now have a new mission. Enjoy !