How to grant administrative privileges to members of an organisation ?

This guide explains how to grant administrative privileges to members of a ScaleFlyt organisation.


Initially, only the organisation owner can grant administrative privileges to other members.

These members will be assigned the role of “Administrator" (Admin).

Admins may also share their administrative privilege with other members of the same organisation.

What are the different permissions ?


can manage organisation members, business information, plan, and billing 
can manage organisation members 
 is part of the organisation with no specific permissions 

What do administrative privileges provide ? 

  • Access the organisation settings Profile and Members pages 
  • Add, edit or remove Operator Registration Numbers (OPRN) 
  • Invite or remove members to the organisation 
  • Share or remove management rights with members 

Granting administrative privilege to a new member

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As a member, i would like to be notified when i am added to an organisation 


Granting administrative privilege to an existing member 

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Removing administrative privilege from an admin

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Removing a member from the organisation

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Revocation of invitation