Custom checklists

Your drone operations, your way. Customise your workflow to include checklists for your pilots, ensuring consistency in every mission and a secure, central record for compliance and audit.

Custom checklists are only available in non-free subscriptions of ScaleFlyt. Make sure you have a suitable subscription plan to access this premium feature and tailor checklists to your organisation's needs.

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Why use Custom Checklists?

You conduct your operations in the manner that best suits your team's needs. To provide you with the utmost flexibility, we have incorporated customisable checklists into our paid subscription plans.

Use customised checklists for:

  • Pre, in and post-flight procedures
  • Flight reference cards
  • Specialist or complex mission checklists
  • Emergency procedures
  • Incident management
  • Internal governance processes

Customise your workflow based on the type of operation, client, or aircraft. Build your own custom checklists for flexibility and successfully complete your missions according to your preferences.

What are Custom Checklist?

Custom checklists for drone operations management are tailored lists of tasks and safety checks designed to ensure safe and efficient drone deployments while adhering to legal requirements.

These checklists include mission-specific tasks and address legal compliance, post-flight actions, and pilot qualifications. Regular maintenance and data management procedures are emphasised, along with effective communication protocols during missions.

Thorough documentation and reporting play a vital role in maintaining a secure and centralised record-keeping system for compliance and audit purposes. Checklists serve as a systematic approach to enhance safety, consistency, and compliance in drone missions while promoting responsible and efficient drone operations management.

Understanding ScaleFlyt Checklists

In ScaleFlyt, the management of custom checklist templates occurs at the Organisation level, providing a unified approach. This means that you have the authority to create, edit, and delete custom checklist templates, benefiting the entire Organisation.

By centralising these templates at the Organisation level, they become accessible for use in any Flight, facilitating consistency and ease of use across your operations.

Checklists are indispensable tools that significantly enhance safety, productivity, and reduce the risk of oversights. With a focus on compliance, you can systematically manage tasks before, during, and after flights. Whether you use the pre-built checklists or create your own, following the checklist diligently ensures a seamless and secure flight management experience.

To make the most of ScaleFlyt's checklist functionality, we encourage you to explore our user guides. These guides will assist you in effortlessly creating, accessing, and utilising tailored checklists optimised for your organisation's specific needs.

Important tip

Regularly review and update your checklist to adapt to changing requirements.