3 November 2020 | Email, Contact, Elevate plan, Design

Soarizon is always evolving. This page gives you a quick guide about the changes made in this product release.

NEW : 

Added the ability to email and call contacts from within ScaleFlyt

From within the contacts page of a mission users can initiate an email or a phone call by selecting the “email” or “call” options from the contact’s action menu. When the option is selected the devices call or mail app will open to initiate communication.

Added ability to manage Elevate plans by changing card details and enabling switching from monthly to annual plans.

Users can now change their payment card details and switch between monthly and annual plans. To access these improvements select “manage subscription” from the action menu in the billing section of the organisation.


Style improvements throughout.

Soarizon is constantly improving and we’ve adjusted the design and style across the platform to clearly display the information and to make the best use of space.