23 September 2020 | Store Company Name, Weather Notifications, Export Mission Document, Minor Bug

Soarizon is always evolving. This page gives you a quick guide about the changes made in this product release.


Store Company Name in your Contacts

When a user adds contacts to a mission they can now also define the contact's company / organisation name.

Weather Availability Notification

Weather improvement (and bug fix): When a mission in an obscure location makes a weather request which results in a reduced level of detail a user alert is now displayed. This also resolves an issue which caused a problem loading the weather in some parts of the world which only have poor darksky weather coverage.

Export Mission Document Improvements

  1. Airspace map overlay perspective improved

  2. "Powered by Soarizon" in footer hyperlinks to Soarizon

  3. "Generated by {username}" added to document

  4. Front cover design tweaks

FIX : 

Minor Bug

Map bug fix:  Fix for an issue which resulted in duplicate data layers being loaded.