13 May 2021 | Full drones redesign, Refactor mission, Refactor logbook

Soarizon is always evolving. This page gives you a quick overview of the changes made in this product release.


Full drones redesign

Adding search sort filter paginate page
Adding searching by:
by name
Adding sorting by:
DEFAULT: Last updated
First updated
Name: A to Z
Name: Z to A
DEFAULT: No filters applied
Configuration (Multirotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter, etc)
9 items per page

Individual drone page

Refactor logbook

Create a single flight log card



Full drones redesign

Drone equipment page.
Change action menu to show ‘delete’ instead of 'remove'. Behaviour remains the same.
Includes the ability to edit the drone overview properties.
Update adding equipment to missions.
Behaviour follows same pattern as adding checklists.


Refactor mission

Redraw the mission map to better reflect the relevant information to recognise the filters applied and the important data.

Add the overflight status of the map. Same modification on the organisation card, project card, mission card, logbook card, drone card and checklist card.

Design colours.

Refactor logbook

Refactor card 'Mission'.