11 January 2021 | Organisation Contact, Organisation Membership, Knowledge HUB, KML import

This update includes: changes to the way contacts are managed and accessed, changes to the way that users can leave or be removed from organisations, and some minor functional changes to the import of KML data to the map.

NEW : 

Organisation Contacts Management

Each Organisation can use soarizon to store contacts which may be useful to the organisation or to specific missions.  The contacts can be created, edited, phoned or emailed from the 'Contacts' option in the Organisation Menu.  Contacts can then be added to missions so that anyone collaborating on the mission can phone or email the relevant external contacts.  More information:

Managing Organisation Membership

The ability to either leave an organisation or to remove a member from your organisation has been added:

Initial Release of the Soarizon Knowledge Hub

The new Soarizon Knowledge Hub is now live and will be updated with all the product release notes, FAQs, 'how to' guides and other useful content for users.  It's also a really easy way to raise support requests.


KML Import Improvements

Minor changes to the KML import process and the annotations view:

  • Colours of annotations in a KML file are imported to soarizon
  • KML files which include a slide feature no longer block the import
  • Deletion of annotation behaviour improved to make it quicker to delete multiple annotations



As part of ongoing continuous improvement the following minor changes have been implemented:

  • Added ability to access and download both receipts and invoices for all transactions
  • Fixed occasional bug that could prevent use of discount codes
  • Updated the plan description to include all the latest features